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The Goober Grabbers 


Tel: 267-545-TGGM


The Goober Grabbers Mess is a Civil War Reenactment group. Civil War reenacting is one of the most exciting and colorful hobbies available to a person of the 21st Century. This hobby allows you to "step back in time" to an era when life was simpler and men fought for their ideals. Wake to the sights and sounds of the bugler playing "reveille," breakfast cooking on an open fire, axes cutting wood. Smell that coffee boiling and feel the anticipation of men preparing for the battle ahead.

Hear the battle orders being read in the morning air and join the excitement as the men in gray fall in. March to the beat of the drum and fife tramping forward to adventure and glory.
When the battle is over, pull up a log and set by the fire. Tell stories and sing songs round the campfire. Get ready for an old fashioned barn dance. Sleep under the stars as history comes alive.


The typical reenacting season lasts from April thru October culminating with the Grand Review and Gettysburg Address in mid-November in Gettysburg. Most events take place over a weekend, offering a chance to camp and battle just as our ancestors did. We are based in Southeastern Pennsylvania so most reenactments we take part in are within the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Camp is set up on Friday evenings and usually breaks up late Sunday afternoon.


Our unit is a a strong family-oriented group, and we strongly encourage the participation of all family members. On the field, spouses and children dress in period clothing as either civilian visitors, laundresses, cooks, or whatever impression your imagination can devise. 
There are many family activities to enjoy such as fashion shows, teas, games, dances, and most of all -- the fun of stopping in at Sutler shops to sample a variety of goods relating to our hobby.



The GGM participates in living history encampments and acts out period interpretations. We are asked to participate in Battle Reenactments, Skirmishes, and Parades throughout the year giving our unit a chance the 'strut our stuff' in front of family and friends. These outings enable us to earn needed funds for preservation projects, company equipment, etc.